Sunday, 12 April 2015

Discussion - It's time to leave Google Behind

DuckDuckGo LogoHow many of you automatically use Google straight out of the gate as your go to search engine?  Google has a complete monopoly on the search engine market and because of this Google in a sense, runs the entire world. Almost 90% of all internet searches go through Google and Google only really scratches the surface of about 10% of the overall internet and doesn't go anywhere near the DarkWeb.

For example, how often do you move past the first page of a Google search when you're looking for something on the internet?  It's very rare and if you don't find what you're looking for within the first few choices most people change their search parameters and move onto something new.

However, there is a new different small boy on the block that I believe people should transition their search engine usage to.  That search engine is DuckDuckGo.  Why change?  I've been a huge Google fan for years and have never considered changing to Bing or Yahoo7 or Ask Jives or any of the other search engines because Google just provided the best choice, but all of those engines functions through the use of popularity and various complicated algorithms that decides what to display, however in most cases it is the big and already popular sites that get listed there.  I mean who wants to look at things that aren't the mainstream. it is in our Perfect Opinion that paid ranking on search engines is the scourge of the internet, Google never used to to it but now every time you make a search there is a paid option that arrives in front of your eyes first.

This is where DuckDuckGo comes in.  As far as my testing is concerned it comes up with results that are at least as good as Google and the big thing is that it doesn't track your usage on their side - very important in this day and age of governments trying to police the internet the only truly free place left in the world.  DuckDuckGo doesn't use popularity in the same way that Google does yet it is still able to find the sites that you're looking for because if you type in a reasonable search and that information is contained in a site DuckDuckGo trawls websites meta data in a way that is very similar to they way Google used to before it became so huge.  DuckDuckGo is also prettier than Google which is in some senses irrelevant and in others extremely important.  We here at The Perfect Opinion love our future world and the future's interfaces are extremely aesthetically pleasing.

DuckDuckGo Logo
Click the image to see the larger version.

Of course I am biased because DuckDuckGo finds my blog and Google does not, despite the site being hosted with Google.  Because my site is not "big" enough it doesn't warrant being rated in the search engine even when searching the exact words of our web address.  Use DDG and you will find yourself seeing slightly different results to Google, perhaps not just the few big sites that rule the world but also other smaller and perhaps more appropriate pages to your search.

I know that this isn't going to cause many people to change search providers, I mean - Google works and its familiar, however if you're ever having trouble finding something very specific on Google perhaps try DuckDuckGo and see how it goes.  I'm shifting my searches to DDG.  You should consider it as well.