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Welcome to our first Top 10 list.  Over the next few weeks we will be slowly adding more and more of these and as time goes on, if something manages to Hit the Top 10 these posts will be changed to show the latest Top 10.

Choosing a Top 10 movies is an incredibly difficult thing to do because there are so many great movies out there and we like so many of them.  That is why there will always be the "Notable Mentions" section below the initial Top 10.  Keep in mind that this isn't necessarily the list of movies that we think are the absolute best in the made by creation standards, they are rather our favorite movies to watch.  Movies that we can watch over and over and over again without caring that we've seen them before.  Some of the movies in the Notable Mentions may be 'technically' better than some of the movies that I've chosen, however - these are our choices for the Top 10.

So without further delay here is the Perfect Top 10 Movies List!

Number 1
Black Hawk Down Movie Poster

Black Hawk Down

Black Hawk Down is not only one of our favorite movies of all time, it is also absolutely one of the greatest movies of all time without argument.  Sure many other movies are rated better on ratings sites, but we don't think anyone could say that Black Hawk Down is one of the best.  It's not necessarily a movie for everyone because it is violent and brutal.  Movies based on true stories often end up being some of the most impacting and long living movies ever.

Number 2

Independence Day

Independance Day is an all time classic.  One of the first of the new time "Alien Invasion" movies that included massive special effects and lots of destruction.  We seem to have an affinity for movies that include prodigious levels of destruction - we think this is because it's so unlikely to happen in real life, and what else are movies about other than viewing things that you can't see in real life. We will forever remember Will Smith's "I have got to get me one'a 'dese" as they shoot out of Earth's A

Number 3
The Fifth Element Movie Poster

The Fifth Element

A favorite of ours for years and years, Milla Jovovich in one of her earliest movies doing a brilliant job that we will always remember her as Leeloo because of this movie.  It is incredible to believe that she was only 22 at the time.  Because of this she has become one of my favorite actresses, and although she hasn't done very many super blockbusters it is sufficient that she is my favorite character in a movie in our Top 10.  This movie was also during Bruce Willis' heyday, and I challenge anyone not to get shivers from the "Future Opera" scene.

Number 4
Mr Nobody Movie Poster

Mr Nobody

This is a movie that perhaps some people may not have seen.  We were stunned that we had never heard of it when we finished my first viewing and we simply couldn't believe that it didn't have a much bigger following or launch than it got.  The story complexity is simply staggering and when it comes to the end and everything ties in together we're certain that everyone will get a big time smile.  It's been a while since we've watched this one through and so it's probably time for another viewing.  Do yourself a favor and check it out NOW if you haven't seen it.

Number 5
Return of the King Movie Poster

The Return of the King

What would a Top 10 movie list be without one of the Lord of the Rings movies?  It was a toss up between the Two Towers and this to be chosen for this spot in the list and really it comes down to the fact that the Return of the King is the conclusion of the series.  We are not listing series or trilogy's in this list be in all honesty the Lord of the Rings movies are one long movie and if you have to then know that we love whole three.

Number 6
Contact Movie Poster


Another movie that does a spectacular job of providing a great sense of wonder and amazement all the way through.  From the discovery of the alien message, to Ellie's trip through the spheres.   I am not the biggest fan of Jodie Foster, she is an excellent actress but there is something about her voice that gives me the irrits, however her character is perfect for this movie.  Every time I finish this movie I end up wishing that something like this would hurry up and happen in real life.

Number 7
The Matrix Movie Poster

The Matrix

What is the Matrix?  Do you remember how everywhere that statement was when this movie first came out?  We was looking forward to this baby for such a long time before it came out and we weren't ready for how massively blown away we were by the first viewing, then the second, and then the third. Unfortunately the follow up movies didn't quite live up to the surprise an amazement found in the original but when a movie is so good, it is impossible to live up to the expectation, I personally still loved the sequels but they were no where near the Top 10 quality of the first.

Number 8
Les Miserables Movie Poster

Les Miserables

We are almost ashamed to admit that we had never seen or heard of any of the music from the previous incarnations of this musical before it's most recent release in 2012 because it is an absolutely stunning experience.  We have viewed this film more than ten times now and we can gladly and easily experience the whole thing again and again.  It is a shock to me that we can only fit this in the number 8 spot because it really is that brilliant.  We've never been a big fan of musicals, but every now and then brilliance like this comes along and knocks you off your feet (Moulin Rouge was my first Musical favorite but Les Miserable is even better).  

Number 9
The Pursuit of Happyness Movie Poster

The Pursuit of Happyness

We could talk about this movie for an hour and bore you to tears by writing out everything that is so good about this brilliant BRILLIANT piece of work.  We don't know if there is a better feel good and motivational movie out there. Surely you have seen the Pursuit of Happyness and if you haven't drop everything you're doing and watch it now!

Number 10
Man of Steel Movie Poster

Man of Steel

You might not believe this, but we have never been a biggest fan of Superman, as a super hero he is just to powerful being all powerful and having all the powers that he has.  The story always ended up being about Superman vs Lex Luther who ends up finding some Kryptonite and taking away his powers which he fights through and ends up winning anyway, yet the latest Superman movie takes a different direction using the General Zod story and it transferred to the big screen perfectly.  This movie is absolutely my No. 1 Super Hero movie which we know are just fun to view and not necessarily brilliant movies by the figures but we cannot get enough of this movie, the music is incredibly atmospheric and the huge budget just sends the quality and viewer experience to the stratosphere.

I said it a couple of times for individual movies, but if you haven't seen any of the above movies then do yourself a favour and check them out ASAP!

Notable Mentions
These are some of my other favorite movies that weren't quite up to making the list, they are also not in any particular order other than closely in order of favorite to least of this list.  Of course there are SO many others out there and it could be possible to list so many because there are many a good movie that has been made.  Perhaps in the future we will Top 10 each Genre, for now - if you've not seen any of the movies in this list then do yourself a favour and check it out!

Limitless - is for us No. 11 of the Top 10 as it only barely didn't make it, there were none in the list we could take out to put it in for.
Transformers Dark of the Moon
Tron Legacy
Kung Fu Hustle
Cloud Atlas
The Notebook
Deep Impact
Master and Commander the Far Side of the World
The Day After Tomorrow
Mission to Mars
Monsters Inc
Space Battleship Yamato
Shaolin Soccer
The Fountain
The Imitation Game
Tomorrow When The War Began
Moulin Rouge
Love Actually
Good Will Hunting
The Shawshank Redemption
Van Wilder: Party Liason