Monday, 9 March 2015

Review - The Imitation Game

The Imitation Game.  Perhaps you have heard of this idea in recent times as more and more Artificial Intelligence is tested using a very similar methodology.  The key to Artificial Intelligence is for it to trick a human that a computer is a human, thus the name "The Imitation Game".  That however is not the subject of the movie of the same name.

The Imitation Game movie is about a man called Alan Turing and his efforts to build a machine that could crack the Nazi Enigma Machine and therefore give the Allies an tap on Hitlers phone line.

I don't want to talk to much about what happens in the movie because following the progress of those efforts, what happens and how it happens is part of what makes this movie what it is.

Come inside to find out what my perfect opinion of the movie is.


To put it simply The Imitation Game movie is quite brilliant.  The movie, while it is a story about World War II is a completely different look of the typical WWII movie of which there have been many, both in the excellent and poor categories.  The Imitation Game is absolutely a movie for the Excellent category.

I believe that The Imitation Game is:

It is a movie that everyone should try to take the time to view.  It is not necessarily a movie that needs to be seen at the cinema's but do yourself a favor and take the time to watch this brilliant, smart and emotional ride.  It doesn't quite make it into the realm of Incredible and Top 10, but I'm very particular about the type of movies that I like to classify like that.


As I said before, I don't want to give away to many details - however if you are reading this part of the review, be prepared for some small spoilers about the overall plot.  Larger spoilers I will mark clearly.

The Imitation Game is about the creation of the very first computer.  For a long time after this first one was invented they were called "Turing Machines".   Early in the movie Turing is quoted as denying that he is a prodigy because he compared himself to Einstein and Newton and says that compared to them he has only just made par.  In the end though, I personally believe that Turing's work is far more important and influential for the human race than the two he compared himself to, it is a tragedy that he is not as well known as those men and hopefully this movie can help to change that.

Something else that this movie made me consider is definition of the word "Computer".  Before the invention of a thinking machine a computer was a person who computes mathematical equations so in essence a compute - er.  I find that kind of fascinating because for my whole life a computer is the thing that I am using to type this Blog Post.

The Turing Machine seen in The Imitation Game is a big loud machine that fills a relatively large room, and while it isn't a Computer in the same sense that we consider them today, it is still a computer with the ability for customization in order to work out various mathematical problems automatically.  The genius it must have taken to consider the idea to build something like this before it had ever been built before is astonishing  I only hope that perhaps one day I can think of something that will change mankind in the same way that the computer has - although, I don't really believe to be possible (other than the creation of a Faster Than Light Engine, or anti-gravity drive).  That said, it is the people that nobody imagines that do things that nobody can imagine.

BIG SPOILERS HERE - What could be considered a plot twist is that Alan Turing is a homosexual, and being that way sexually inclined during those days wasn't just frowned upon it was illegal. The way that Alan ends up being treated after doing everything that he did for the world is simply astounding, shocking, appalling and makes me glad to say that we have come a long way in improving human equality.