Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Tips - There is Always Another Palette

Good Morning all you avid artists out there.  We're sure if you're reading this then you're probably connected to us through the artistic medium of miniature painting.

Now, we are assuming here, but when we consider the idea of an artist and their palette we think of the classic wonky shaped palette like the one pictured to the right, but using the same old palette all the time can be frustrating and messy the more well loved it becomes.

Artist Palette

Some artists like this because it allows the paint to mix and give some continuity of colours but myself - I like to use a clean palette and if I'm going to mix any paint I will be doing it myself not letting flakes of old paint mix with my nice new stuff.

So as a miniature painter, we very rarely use a palette like the one above.  I'm sure we've all seen the tiny lumpy citadel palettes and then the various sorts of ceramic palettes that you see below.  If I was going to choose a full style palette it would be a ceramic one because they are much easier to clean because the paint comes right off.

Ceramic Palettes Picture
But why bother cleaning your palette at all?  I mean does it really matter what kind of palette you're using? They always end up in a mess and you'll end up cleaning them anyway.

This is where we come to the head of this article.  Why use a real, ceramic, expensive palette that you'll have to spend time scrubbing to varying degrees every day when you can use either a wet palette (the best possible choice in my perfect opinion) or any old piece of plastic from used items in the house?

For example, the lids of ice cream containers, milk carton lids, yogurts, jar lids, cut the bottom off a coke bottle the possibilities are endless and when you've completely covered the surfaces you can just throw it out and move on to the next one because we're all always constantly throwing bits of plastic into the recycle bin that will be perfect for this purpose.

Below is a picture of my collection of various palettes and it's not like this is any kind of new idea but it might be something that you just haven't considered before.  I use them to mix epoxy resin glue's in and throw out, to use for liquid green stuff, as a place to hold different little ods and ends so that they're not spread all over the desk.

My Collection of disposable palettes
These are a collection of Coffee Lids, Milk Carton Lids and Listerine Bottle Lids, as well as the take away containers and my trusty and very well loved wet palette underneath.

Don't waste your well earned money on expensive palettes, rather just use disposable ones - it really is a better choice in the long run.